About us

Despite the many words written and spoken on the physical living, working or production environment in buildings, only a few are up to scratch with their knowledge of their direct environment. The revealing of the real environmental values by measurement and monitoring provides insights, which one would sometimes not have expected. Or which rather confirm the expectations one already has; also possible of course.

EMU-Instruments, the curiosity company, offers solutions, products, services and development in the area of  measurement instruments en measurement and data management technology for the indoor and outdoor environment in and around commercial, governmental, non-residence and industrial buildings and for indoor and outdoor air quality in urban and rural areas.

EMU is a knowledge company, for which their products are just tools to contribute to a better knowledge.

As a young company EMU is blessed with an ripe spirit combined with a fresh fervour. In the sense that the founders are experienced specialists in the areas of indoor environment, building physics, HVAC systems, instrumentation as well as building control and management technology. Experts who effortlessly deal with contemporary requirements for healthy and green buildings on the one hand and who understand business services as no other on the other.

Why is the EMU (Dromaius novahollandiae) the star in our logo and is it our mascot?

The emu is tremendously curious (watch the funny video), travels great distances and moves very fast (can sprint 50 km/h). Those are the essentials of our company. In our profession nothing can be taken for granted and that forces us to be very curious. And yes, the world moves fast, needless to say. So that challenges EMU not only to keep pace, but to stay substantially ahead. To offer you the progress, that makes it possible for you to make or keep your building(s) good and healthy and productive.

Our business concept is focussed on unburdening the customers. Of course we can give a lengthy story about this, but we’d rather you put us to the test, challenge us. One telephone call or e-mail to Ferry Mulders, 06 – 51 61 87 36 or Ferry@EMU-instruments.com will open an fascinating world for you.