Emu-instruments aims continuously to find innovations in three ways:

  • the search for and the application of low cost sensors and other hardware, which comply with the quality requirements of measurement standards of with EMU’s own quality ambitions
  • the development of user friendly software, which revolves around specific IEQ/IAQ expertise (indoor and outdoor environment) and not primarily around IT technology
  • the development of what not yet exists, like the exploitation of Big Building Data by means of artificial intelligence.

EMU knows the worlds of the realisation and the use of buildings as none other. How performance specifications are created, how design, procurement and construction is carried out, what the current issues are with regards to the building’s use. That is why that practical look at what is needed in terms of software and hardware and what services are needed or desired, leads to other solutions than those of common product oriented manufacturers or suppliers.

Parties from industry and science, who know the professional fundamentals and know how to apply these on the one hand and who can follow the unorthodox approach of an innovation challenge, are of major importance. EMU has a huge expert network, that can be addressed when specific matters require solutions.

EMU-instruments, the curiosity company, is an operation of driven innovative application engineers, who care about science and a thorough development process, but to whom a good idea means: just start and persevere. Intelligent trial and error. To EMU that is the interpretation of the term innovation.